About Us

About us
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Thursday, 01 June 2006
Founded on November 11, 2002 by Mr. BeiRokhu Beita (Founder) Maraland.NET website is run and maintained by an independent group of youngsters from Maraland for the development of the Maras in the field of Information Technology as a whole and the internet in particular. The Maraland.NET wanted to fill the virtual gap created by non-availability of any proper sites dedicating to the cause of the Maras and the Maras have been deprived of the new information technology developments that have swept the whole world. 

We, at the Maraland.NET hope this will serve the Maras to its best ability and as such it doesn’t have boundaries and fixed members but whoever have sincere concern heart towards the Mara society as a whole are warmly welcomed here to participate in constructing the online community of the Maras and also to contribute the contents of the site, ranging from News – from current events, past, etc to sports, culture, education, etc which is important from the view point and perspective of the Mara people.Therefore, as such whoever contributes the contents will be mentioned in the end of the articles concerned and will be highly appreciated by the webmaster. The webmaster cum admin, editors and his unknown reporters are none other than the people of the Maraland – which will be displayed in each articles. 

For any suggestion kindly send an e-mail to webmaster@maraland.net and pls copy to admin@maraland.net or info@maraland.net for prompt reply or use contact us page to reach us. Thank you.