Tourist hot spots in West Maraland, Mizoram India

River Beino also known as Kaladan or Kolodyne River which connects South Mizoram to Sittwe Port (Myanmar) in Bay of Bengal
1). Siaha(Saiha): 
Siaha is the capital town of the Maraland Autonomous District Council.It is the third most developed and also the third most populous town in Mizoram State apart from the state Capital – Aizawl and Lunglei. It isalso the capital of the third largest tribe – the Maras in Mizoram. It is one of the eight district headquarters in Mizoram and the seat of one of the first three Christian Mission fields in Mizoram.It is situated in the northen part of Maraland and is at the southern part of Mizoram which is at 375Km from the Aizawl, where the nearest modern Aiport is connecting Mizoram to most of the Indian cities. Siaha isa scenic beauty of one of the Hill stations in India. Between 1990 and 1998 there was chopper service between the State Capital – Aizawl and Siaha; but due to the slowdown of the economy the only air services available was halted for a long time.There are many good hotels and restaurants for the Hill town standards, but the first choice has been the Tourist Logde built and run by the State Government of Mizoram which is situated in near the helipad whichin turn is situated on top of the Saiha town which is embedded on this hill. From tourist lodge one can have a bird’s eye view of the wholetown which is of natural beauty.

2). Tipa ‘V’:
This scenic beauty town is the sub-headquarters of the Autonomous district council. Almost all the tribes of the Maras make up this beautiful town. The National Highway which starts from J&K ends in this town. In Lusei it is commonly known as Tuipang.

3). Saikao: The spiritual town.
The Missionaries to Maraland chose to centered their missionheadquarter in this town due to it’s geographical location and the language of the people in this town. The missionaries’ House which was built some 60years ago is still intact and is one of the most tourist visited places. It is built purely on wood imported from thick forest in Myanmar. This town is the headquarters of Congregational Church of India, Maraland, it is the second biggest church denomination within Maraland. Lorrain Ville is a very scenic and beautiful street where London missionaries have been living from 1920s. The cemetary of the departed missionaries is one of the most visited sites within this town apart from Lorrain Ville.

This is an ancient town where one of the first three mission pioneers in Mizoram had chosen to evangelize the Mara tribes who are different from the tribes like Lusheis, Paites, Hmar in the northern part of Mizoram in language, culture, stature, etc, etc. The missionaries’ House built in 1920s is still intact and is unique in nature; Though it was constructed purely using woods, without a single usage of bricks, cements, iron rods, etc, but have endured the time and seasons. It is declared a monument of district importance and is protected by the Archeological Survey of Maraland. It is one of the most tourist visited sites along with the cemetary of the Maraland missionaries.

4). Mountains:
A very popular tourist spots like the BLUE Mountain, the higest mountain in Mizoram is just 70Km away from Siaha, and also the Kolodyne fishing and picnic spots is just 20Kms away – 30minutes drive from Siaha. The highest Mountain in Maraland is also just 75Km from Siaha, there one can see a very rare flower not to be found easily like Rhododendron, ‘Pawchha’ in Mara language which is of exceptional beauty and variety beautify the mountain. From this mountain, one can have a look at the land of Military ruled Myanmar formerly known as Burma – which is naturallyvery rich in flora and fauna. One can really have a lots of fun out there.

5). Pala Tipo(Lake):
Pala Tipo or Pala Lake is the biggest Lake in the State of Mizoram and it is situated in the Western part of Maraland near Maraland’s Barn Town of Phura and covers an area of 30 Ha.The Lake is surrounded by thick a forest unspoilt by the so called modern man, his machines and technologies. The lake is around 2 square kilometres, elephants and many more wild animals are found around this lake. The government of Mizoram is plannig to decorate more and to beautify with the stae of the modern amusements and many entertaintments around this lake apart from the existing tourist lodge run and maintained by the autonomous government of Maraland.

6). Phura Town:
Phura town is just lying side by side with the great paddy fields of Maraland. The only town situated in plain area. It absorbed all kinds of people. It is the melting point of different tribes and people.

7). Lodaw Wildlife Sanctuary:
This Wildlife Sanctuary comes under the administration of the State government. Here different kinds of animal lives naturally. It is not far from the capital town – Siaha.

8). Zero Point :
Zero Point is the entrance town of Maraland, from this town the main road to the Capital – Siaha town and the sub-headquarter town parted to different directions, thus this town acquired the name Zero Point. The counting of the distance seems to have started from here to Siaha and Tipa. This town is famous for variety of vegetables and fruits. And is 
close to the Kolodyne river as well.

9). Mt. Mawma:
The highest peak in Maraland is the fifth highest mountain in Mizoram.It stood 6370ft above sea-level. It lies just next to the second highest mountain in Maraland, which is Mt. Tliatlu. It is situated in the eastern part of the district and below this mountain is river Koldyne which separates India and Myanmar. One can have bird’s eye views of neighbouring country. One can see the Dams in Bangalesh during winter. Many wild flowers adorn this mountain which blooms successively throughout the four seasons. It is one of the must-see tourist spots. It is 4Kms away from Chakhei Town which is embedded in the Mt. Mawma range. There is Tourist lodge at this Town.

10). Mt. Kahrie:
This mountain is just above the ancestral home of the Chapi language speaking people, Chapi town. The importance of the mountain do not lie on its height, but rather on the beautiful true love story that surrounds this mountain. Hundreds of Lovers have taken shelter on the tip of the mountain which offers unless heartbreaking view of the surrounding unspoiled land of Myanmar and oversees Kolodyne river the biggest river in Mizoram. In fact, the Mara’s Romeo and Juliet’s Hlichhy and Hly-a have made this mountain so popular and it is a must-see mountain for lovers around the world and experience how romantic a mountain can offer.

11). Beino (R. Kaladan): This river encircled West Maraland and goes down to Myanmar and it empties at Bay of Bengal in a city called Sittwe in Myanmar. Saphao spot in Maraland offers breathtaking stone walls – looking like a Castle right in the middle of the river. It has become another tourist hot spots. Check out the video embedded at the top.
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